About Us

Something a bit Different…

Something a bit Different is designed to support a mummy to be, new mummy and early year parents with beautiful products curated to nourish and support their journey, especially all those first moments. 

Established in 2019 and launched in 2020 the company is a labor of love, a small business that has grown alongside two babies (Freddie & Millie) who are the inspiration and love behind the brand. 

We have a range of products for parents no matter where they are on their journey including products from other small businesses included in our boxes and bags and on our NEW marketplace. 

Behind the Brand

Hi, I’m Aimee! Our brand is designed to nourish a mummy to be, new mummy and early year parents and create something that no one else offers. I’m so proud we have managed to create something special and completely unique, something that no brand has done before us with plans to add lots more in 2022.

When I fell pregnant with my first baby and I went on maternity leave I was forced to slow down. During that time I was filled with ideas and inspiration. As soon as  he arrived, when I met him and in those moments after, I’ve never been more inspired.

I started designing, creating, learning, building a website, resourcing and building Something a bit Different. Mostly during our night feeds.

Not long after I fell pregnant with baby number 2, Millie! I decided to focus on building a business instead of going back to work. We launched in 2019 at Blenheim Christmas Market where I spent 10 days in a freezing cold cabin with Freddie by my side, smiling and making friends with our customers and the other stall holders. We launched online in 2020, just before the pandemic.

Just as we went into lock down Millie came along, you can read more about meeting Millie in my blog, it was bliss. We spent sunny days in the garden, relaxing and growing my small business alongside two under two. With no pressure to do anything we really embraced the opportunity to grow and support new and expectant parents during that time.

I’m really proud of what we have created and although Freddie & Millie have forced me to slow down, especially now they are one and two, we have so many plans to build and grow. The foundations have now been laid so we can focus on adding lots more beautiful products in 2022. You can also shop our NEW marketplace that has  been created to support other small businesses alongside ours. All beautiful, unique and special and sent with love, always X