Going to meet your baby for the first time is probably the biggest and most life changing thing you will ever do and it’s definitely the most incredible experience. It’s important to treat it like an occassion; your occassion, your babies occasion and to celebrate the beginning of your new family in those first moments.

Of course you need all the essentials but you also need a few little luxuries to make your hospital stay extra special. After nine months of pregnancy and giving birth you definitely deserve some TLC.

I have put together a hospital bag checklist that includes items that I think are the perfect accompaniments to your hospital stay with a link to some of the items:


1. Dressing Gown

Firstly a beautiful robe, depending on the time of year either a soft fluffy robe with a spa day feel or a silk robe that you can slip into. Either way the robe has two important jobs,  for your baby to snuggle into or under so they can enjoy lots of skin to skin and to make you feel good.


1. Pyjamas/ Lounge Wear

Who doesn’t love a new pair of pyjamas or lounge wear? Treat yourself to something extra cosy, something that makes you feel good and something that if you decide to breast feed gives you easy access. After being in a hospital gown there’s nothing quite like getting into a lovely fresh pair of PJ’s.

I personally love the Ultra-Soft Maternity and Nursing Loungewear Set by Seraphine.

3. Bed Socks

Bed socks- providing the ultimate comfort for your hospital stay! They are also ideal when you’re home and up in the night feeding and changing your newborn baby. It’s the little things that make a big difference.

We’ve added the Tom Lane Bed Socks to our website, made from 90% Alpaca they are luxuriously soft and a perfect addition to your hospital bag.


4. Flip Flops

Hospital showers and toilets might be cleaned daily but the thought of walking on them with bare feet is still a bit erm gross! Dig out an old pair of flip flops or buy a cheap set for your stay.


5. Baby Clothes 

Again, a moment if you decide to make it one! You can buy pre-made packs to take to hospital but I really loved shopping for my babies first outfit. I’m so glad we did as I’ve got some beautiful photos with them in their tiny baby grows, hats and mittens.

A heads up, I made the mistake of buying 0-3 months with my first baby, they were definitely oversized. Instead get some newborn baby grows unless you’re expecting a slightly bigger baby. I got all mine from JoJo Maman Bebe.


6. Clothes to wear home 

This is very personal but I really wanted to feel good when leaving the hospital, a pair of joggers just wouldn’t do the trick. Be consious that your bump doesn’t go straight down so something flattering and comfortable is ideal. Both times I wore a long dress, one was from Isabella Olivier and the second was actually an occasion maternity dress that I didn’t get the opportunity to wear during pregnancy from Tiffany Rose.



When you’ve had your baby the first thing you want to do is have lots of newborn cuddles followed by a long shower. The temptation is to buy some beautifully scented body wash, shampoo and conditioner before slipping into some comfortable attire but your smell supports the mummy baby bonding process so it’s important to use something that isn’t overly scented.

Scents do, however, do an amazing job at relaxing the body and mind. Spacemasks are self heating and infused with jasmine. When your baby is sleeping put one on and some ear plugs in and find time to reflect on what has just happened for 15 minutes, I promise you will thank me for it later.


Lip Balm– soothing after gas and air and during your hospital stay, it’s a must have!

Straws- you will be encouraged to drink lots of water during birth and after, a straw can help your birth partner feed you  throughout.

Hair brush, hair clips and hair bands- think about exercising with hair in your face, no thank you. The more you can pin your hair back the better.

Face wipes- you will be able to shower and freshen up but probably not straight away, hospitals can also be hot and anything that limits the number of times you need to use the hospital bathroom is a plus!

Facial spray- a god send during labour and as a little refresher during your stay.

Dry shampoo- every new mum should have some of this!

Body wash and lotions– this is really important, your first shower is dreamy. It’s probably the best shower you will ever have so treat yourself to a nice body wash, shampoo and lotions. Try and find something that isn’t overly fragrant as your baby loves your natural smell and it supports the bonding process.

Makeup- yes makeup because a touch of tinted moisturiser, a little blush, mascara and lip balm can make you feel a million times better.

New Mum Essentials

Big knickers- the bigger and comfier the better.

Nursing bra- if you plan to breast feed this is definitely an essential.

Nipple cream– the pain of cracked nipples is real.

Eye Mask– avoid hospital lights and invest in a nice silky face mask.

Breast pads– breast feeding or not you will need some pads.

Maternity pads– these too!


New Baby Essentials

Eco friendly nappies– only the best for your new baby and their skin.

Cotton wool buds- it’s encouraged to use cotton wool buds on your newborn when they are first born.

Baby wipes– include a pack of water wipes, if you’re in hospital for a few days they are definitely handy and still free from harsh chemicals.

Nappy sacks- biodegradeable because you will get through alot of them.

Cow and Gate Starter pack- even if you decide to breast feed the starter pack is great if they don’t latch on. Hospitals do usually have them but they are good to have anyway if you’re allowed home the next day.

Blanket- a gorgeous soft blanket that you can put over them throughout your stay and wrap them in when you leave the hospital, you can’t go wrong with The White Company.

Muslin/ Swaddle Blanket– it’s really important to swaddle your baby when they first come into the world, after all they are used to being cocooned in your tummy.

Teddy- their first bear!!



If you’re have a natural birth add some sweets to your hospital bag, I’m talking Haribo, Jelly Beans or lollipops to give you a burst of energy.

If you’re having a c-section you can’t eat before surgery or for a number of hours after. They will give you some tea and toast as soon as they can, the best tea and toast you will ever have!

Either way hospital food isn’t the best so pack some snacks and feel good food for your stay.




Everything Else

Pillow- a pillow from home will make all the difference to your stay.

Massage ball- give your partner something to do.

Notebook– nothing will prepare you for the emotions you feel when you meet your baby for the first time, when you get a moment to yourself- write it down. Even if you don’t a notebook is handy to record when they eat/ poo and to make a list . You’re a mum now, welcome to a whole new world of writing lists!

Book- there will be times when your baby is sleeping contently and after gazing at them for a while and enjoying them as much as possible, a good book might distract you from the rest of hospital life.

Phone & phone charger- I loved Face-Timing my husband and speaking to close friends and family.

Headphones/ ear plugs- you will instinctively wake up to your new baby but even if you don’t the midwives will wake you so get some beauty sleep when you can.

Prosecco? ching ching you did it! Here’s to you and becoming a new mum!

A gorgeous gift box for a mum-to-be packed full of essentials, lots of little luxuries and a gift for their newborn baby to take to hospital to make their visit extra special.