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Cocoon Well-being

New mama postnatal care package

This 4-week program includes 2 online classes emailed to you each week to do in your own time around your baby’s schedule:-

  • 45 minute gentle postnatal mum and baby massage/ yoga session to do with your baby
  • 45 minute postnatal yoga and deep guided relaxation class for you to enjoy in your own time for some much needed “me time”
  • Tips on self-care for new mums shared through the course
  • Suitable to start anytime after your 6-week postpartum GP check
  • You can choose between my “New Babies” or “Bouncy Babies” package so the classes are suitable for your baby’s age
  • Message me for more information or to book

Halcyon Sleep

Hi! I’m Laura —

Aussie (living in London), mother of one, wine lover & coffee fiend*
*not sure which I love more since having a baby!

I am also a certified baby & toddler sleep consultant who’s helped families all over the world, teach their little ones to fall asleep (and stay asleep!) happily, safely & independently.

Want to know a secret?

You don’t have to put up with years of sleep deprivation just because you have a baby.

You can lovingly teach your little one how to do sleep on their own and have the whole family feeling rested within a matter of weeks.


Instagram: @halcyonsleep



Little Therapy Space

Little Therapy Space is a hub in Olney catering specifically for women and families.
We pride ourselves in having awesome Pregnancy and Postnatal professionals all passionate in their chosen field who want to support and nurture women through their journey through life’s stages through Treatments, Workshops & Courses.
• Advanced Clinical Massage for Pregnancy, Postnatal and ScarTissue
• Pregnancy Exercise
• Pregnancy Relaxation Sessions
• Hypno birthing Course
• Birth Preparation Masterclass
• Preparing to Breastfeed Workshop
• Beyond Birth Support Course
• Monthly Meet Ups
• Baby Massage Course & Workshop
• Postnatal Exercise
• Sling Library
• Starting Solids Workshops
• Specialist Speech & Language Therapy Course

The Positive Birth Project

Congratulations! You are pregnant, you have found my website and now you are wondering how I may be able to help you have a more positive birth.

Im Katie, and since giving birth to my very own Hypnobaby I have become passionate about women knowing their choices, their rights and feeling in control of their birth. Obviously things can happen on the day that mean that all of your preferences may not be met but you can come away knowing that all the choices are yours. This is a great start to parenthood.

Feeling scared and anxious? I promise there is another way and I am here to help.

Welcome to The Positive Birth Project!