Complete Pre-Packed Hospital Bag


Our beautiful hospital bags are perfect for your hospital stay and the days after, with lots of beautiful products included for both mum and baby, they are designed to make your stay more comfortable. A special gift or treat to yourself.

About this item

What's included...

• A lovely recycled canvas bag with an under compartment and luggage strap.
• A matching make-up bag
• A beautiful robe to stay warm and cosy or our summer waffle robe
• Banks-Lyon botanical swaddle blanket
• A set of 5 hospital bag organisers
• Gorgeous Baby Bear baby slippers
• Eco by Naty nappies and wipes
• Hello World Milestone Disc
• A silky eye mask to avoid hospital lights
• A journal for recording their first moments
• ‘I wrote this when I met you’ gift card
• Philosophy perfume
• lip balm
• Toothbrush
• Little Bramley body wash and body lotion
• A hairband
• Organic cotton baby hat

This is such a beautiful product! It’s beautifully packaged and all the contents are just gorgeous! Thank you so much! ❤️’