Breastfeeding Bundle


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New in!

Our new breastfeeding bundles are a perfect treat for a new mummy who is planning to breastfeed. They include:

A mummy embroidered 100% cotton dressing gown for night feeds.

An organic cotton breastfeeding dress in sage green or black.

The option to have one of our beautiful breastfeeding bras included.

Mummy organics nipple cream ( Ingredients: Coconut oil and shea butter are deeply moisturising, providing your skin with a natural protective barrier. Castor oil is anti-inflammatory and promotes skin cell renewal).

Reusable breast pads

Myrtle and Maud Milk Flow tea (Ingredients: Fenugreek 17%, Aniseed 17%, Fennel Seed 17%, German Chamomile 17%, Caraway Seed 16%, Nettle Leaf 16%. Free From: GMO, Gluten, Wheat, Eggs, Fish, Milk, Corn, soya and Nuts. No Added: Artificial Flavours, Preservatives, Salt or Artificial Colourings \n \nMay contain: Mustard & Celery handled on site \n \nA beautiful eucalyptus swaddle \n \nBaby bear slippers 0-6 months \n \n