Countryside Furniture Set


Countryside Doll's House Furniture Set by Tender Leaf Toys

A must have furniture set to make the house a home for your dolly family. Softly coloured in pink and blue to compliment any of our beautiful wooden doll's houses. Scaled to 1:12, this set is suitable for all of the houses within our collection!

Set includes: A sofa with cushions, a rocking chair, a fridge and sink station, a mop and bucket, a mirror and photo frame that you can stick to the wall, a chair and table with a birthday cake for parties, a bath, bathmat, some steps, a tiny rubber duck, a basin and a cot with baby bunny. 

Dolls sold separately. 

Presented in an illustrated colour box.

Suitable for 3 Years +

Dimensions: 42 x 30 x 9.2 cm