TOG 0.6 (Lightweight) - Erawan Grey Wearable Baby Sleep Sack



Malabar Baby Handmade Sleep Sacks provide a safer sleeping environment for infants, offering a secure and cozy alternative to traditional blankets in the crib. Designed with the comfort of the baby in mind, these sleep sacks help replicate the feeling of being in the womb or wrapped in our organic muslin swaddles. The unique design includes a convenient right shoulder snap, allowing for easy and hassle-free placement of the baby into the wearable blanket, even while asleep, with just one simple snap. Made from 100% organic breathable cotton, these sleep sacks help regulate temperature and prevent overheating, ensuring a comfortable and safe sleep for your little one.

100% GOTS Certified Cotton

LIGHTWEIGHT - TOG 0.6 (Lightweight and ideal for tropical climates)
Recommended room temp 70-80°F / 21-27°C

Small: Fits newborns-babies 6 months | 7-18(lbs) / 3-8(kg)
Medium: Fits babies 6-18 months | 16-26(lbs) / 7-12(kg)
Large: Fits babies 18-36 months | 25-35(lbs) / 11-16(kg)
Xtra Large: Fits babies and toddlers from 36-48 months | 34-45(lbs) / 15-20(kg)

*For safety reasons, please do not size up to the next size until your child meets the weight requirement. Please click on the size chart to help you measure your baby's length (Head to Toe) before purchasing.  Always ensure you have a little extra room to wiggle and grow.

LUXURIOUSLY SOFT & HYPOALLERGENIC - Handmade from 100% Organic Cotton:
Crafted from premium Indian cotton that gets softer after every wash. Sleep sacks so soft, you have to feel them to believe it! Our wearable sleep sack have been proven to reduce overheating and encourage safe sleep patterns for baby. The gentle fabric makes these wearable blankets perfect for baby’s pure skin.

Right shoulder snap makes placing sleeping baby inside a breeze. Silent, reversible, high-quality YKK zipper that will not get stuck. Malabar Baby is one of the few brands that has sizing up to extra large (which means your 3+ year olds can still comfortably wear a sleep sack.)

Timeless and sophisticated designs that are both different and unique while still being so easy to take care of! 
Wash Care: Machine wash cold; Tumble dry low (do not iron or dry clean)

Invest in our beautifully made wearable blankets that will stand the test of time; withstanding multiple washes and softening the more they are washed, our wearable blankets will be able to be passed on through children. Made with non-toxic dyes.