One Size Reusable Swim Nappies


Our Reusable One Size Swim Nappies offer an excellent fit from 8lb to 35lb (approx. 3.5kg-16kg) baby to toddler, making them a great long-term investment in your childs younger years. As standard our swim nappies include extra accident (poop) protection with our double-gusset leg guards and a wide back elastic which means all adventures are possible! Our nappies also feature a internal fast-drying mesh lining, which is great for being in and out of the water! Remember, Swim Nappies of all kinds (disposable and reusable) won't prevent urine from mixing with pool/sea water, but our reusable nappy provides a more eco-friendly and economical solution to help ditch the disposable and reduce our single-waste plastic consumption.