Complete Pre-Packed Hospital Bag and Family Travel Bag


Notebook or Perineal Spay

We have designed the first hospital bag to take with you during your hospital stay, your first adventure with your new arrival! The bag is durable and long lasting so you can take it on all your family adventures for years to come.

The bag comes with compartments so you can easily organise products into different areas making it an ideal cabin bag, it comes with a strap to attach it to your suitcase too.

The compartments include:


Mini Essentials


Bits and Bobs

Important information



Other stuff

It also includes and under compartment for anything you’d like to separate from the main bag.

Other features include a pocket at the front, a detachable strap and pushchair rings to attach it to a pushchair.

The bag is made from recycled nylon and it’s D: 22cm, W 46cm, H 33cm

Our pre-packed bags come complete with:

• A bag with in-built organisers

• A beautiful ‘mummy’ dressing gown 

• A cream baby blanket

• Botanical swaddle

• Mummy Organics Nipple Balm

• Mummy Organics perineal spray or a beautiful notebook 

• Lip Balm

• Little Bramley Body Wash and Body Lotion

• Little Bramley Baby Balm

• A pack of eco by naty nappies

• Eco by Naty baby wipes

• Eco by Naty breast pads

• Eco by Naty nappy bags

• Baby hat

• Milestone disc

• Baby bear slippers

• Towelling slippers

• A silky eye mask

• Water bottle 

• Vegan sweets

• A handy hospital list