Pregnancy & Nursing Cocoon (5-in-1) - Sweet & Wild


Relax into your pregnancy and breastfeeding journey with the worlds exclusive 'Lie-Down Breastfeeding Cocoon' - where you can lie back, relax and nourish your baby as you sink into the intense comfort of the Pregnancy pillow supporting your love-laden limbs.  As you lie next to baby, the unique patented Anti-Roll features of the Nursing Nest will guard baby's space, and a firm mattress pad help to raise baby up to Mothers breast to support latch.

What you'll get:
The Cocoon supports you on your journey all the way from pregnancy to over 1 year of age with your baby. It is made up of;

- The 3-in-1 Pregnancy Pillow
Nursing Nest

The 3-in-1 Pregnancy Pillow
The BellaMoon Pregnancy Pillow has been ergonomically designed to provide intense comfort to you and your growing bump throughout your pregnancy, specifically targeting those pain prone areas and providing support to pressure points in your neck, back and hips.

It's unique modular design means that it transforms into an Upright Feeding Pillow and a Sitting-Up Support Pillow when baby arrives.

Nursing Nest
Developed by a mum for mums, our award winning Nursing Nest is designed to allow you to relax in comfort as you lie down to breastfeed your baby all with peace of mind provided by our patented Anti-Roll Finn and Barrier. 

The Nursing Nest can be used on its own, but is designed to be used in conjunction with the Pregnancy Pillow to form the ultra comfortable Cocoon.

(This product does not contain the Nursing Cover/Base Sheet. if you wish to purchase The Nursing Cover with your Cocoon check out our 6 in 1 bundle, see The Full Moon 6-in-1 Bundle)