Serena Dresser


With the Serena Dresser, all your essentials for changing and organizing your baby’s clothes are within easy reach.

Featuring 3 large drawers with luxurious soft-close for nappies, wipes and creams, clothes, blankets and so much more.

The Hera Changing Station sits snugly atop the Serena Dresser, providing an easy-access, forward-facing changing space, giving you easy access to your baby without added strain.

As parents, we want to make decisions that are best for our babies and best for the world they will inherit.

We use birch wood which is ethically sourced from sustainably managed forests. We also use the purest quality, low-emission paints. Birch trees are in abundance and they are fast growing, making it one of the most sustainable choices for long lasting natural wood furniture.

We design our furniture to look beautiful and function throughout your home, remaining part of the family for many years. Simply add or remove the bespoke Hera Changing Station to switch from Baby Changer to Dresser.