Spring Toile Blue NARROW Wedge Mat



Come for a whimsical walk through story-book scenes in this stunningly detailed hand-drawn exclusive toile design. Available in the classic toile blue or a beautiful soft pink.


Nothing is more disappointing than receiving your new changing mat, only to find it doesn't fit your changing table!

The new Gilded Bird Narrow/Slimline Wedge mat is here to help. It is a full 5cm narrower than the standard wedge mat, means it will fit on those slimmer change tables or on top of a chest of drawers. However, you'll still enjoy the same length and wipeable PVC surface as the standard wedge mats.

Available in 10 beautiful designs. Short on width not on style. 

Dimensions: 69cm x 39cm x 8cm (thickest point)

What's this mat made of?

Gilded Bird mats are made with foam and PVC and are manufactured here in the UK.

The inside of the mats are made from high density polyurethane foam as is the standard for baby mattresses in the UK.

The foam is VE 24 (131) from the vita group it is TCPP free (liquid phosphate based fire retardants) it is also free of many other REACH suspect chemicals.

It was especially designed for the nursery industry after the cook report  (it is far safer than the foam you will find throughout the typical house). Further than this, it has the optimal stiffness to prevent suffocation, is tested for durability not to dip, tested for porosity for breathing.

The cover is a fully wipeable PVC. The PVC my manufacturer uses is free from the class of suspect phthalates (it is a PVC with the best safety profile possible for nursery use).

Mattresses conform with all standards on fire and construction. The manufacturer also tests to EN 71-3 voluntarily as a part of due diligence.

Feel better knowing your baby is using the best.