The Essentials Pre-Packed Hospital Bag


Prepare for the arrival of your little one in style with the Essentials Pre-Packed Hospital Bag! Crafted with care, this gorgeous recycled canvas bag is filled with some of the products a mummy-to-be needs for those precious first moments. Our curated selection of hospital bag essentials ensures that you and your newborn are well taken care of.

What's included in this thoughtfully designed hospital bag:
- A chic recycled canvas bag for all your essentials
- A matching make-up bag to keep you organised
- Soft and cosy towelling slippers for comfort
- Eco-friendly Eco by Naty nappies and wipes for your baby's delicate skin
- Convenient Eco by Naty nappy bags for easy clean-ups
- Vegan Beauty Kitchen lip balm to keep your lips moisturised
- Toothbrush for freshening up
- Body wash, shampoo, conditioner, and soap to feel revitalised
- A hairband for practicality
- Luxurious organic face cloth for gentle cleansing

Make the transition into motherhood smoother with the Essentials Pre-Packed Hospital Bag. Perfect for baby showers and as a thoughtful gift for any mummy-to-be, this bag is packed with love and care to make your hospital stay more comfortable and stress-free. Get your hands on this must-have hospital bag essential now!